Daytona’s New Year Revolutions

601008_420344601338456_1063274178_nIn a recent Facebook Competition we asked fans to guess how many laps we had recorded in 2013. Lots of people entered their guesses – and we do mean guesses as they ranged from 20,000 to 20,000,000. The correct answer was 3,121,615 and a fan by the name of Simon won the prize of a free Open Race by guessing 3,120,00 – just 1615 laps out, or about 0.05% off!

If we analyse that number a little more closely, it means that we recorded an average of 8600 laps per day. Across the three circuits our average lap-times are around 30 seconds at Manchester, about 52 seconds at Sandown Park and around 72 seconds at Milton Keynes. A little bit of mathematics later and we reckon we achieved 107 kart hours each and every day in 2013.

By anyone’s reckoning 107 hours is a lot of racing – but its not enough! As our plans for 2014 start to materialise, our aim is to offer even more opportunities for you to drive on our exciting circuits. It all starts off with our New Year Sale. Between 28th and 31st December, over 1500 of you drove at one or more of our circuits and over half of those attended our popular Double Discount Days at MK and Sandown, where you got 40% off your race fees! For the rest of January, we are offering 20% off pretty much everything at the outdoor circuits and 10% off at the centrally-heated circuit in Manchester.

We hope that lots more of you will be taking advantage of our New Year Sale and helping us record even more laps this year than last. Simon will be joining us in January for a free Open Race at his local Daytona circuit and will be completing maybe 50 or so laps towards our 2014 total. Why don’t you come along and help him?

Jim Graham