“Go to Daytona Instead”

Part of my job involves wandering around the interweb seeing what people are saying about us and about our competitors. As a geek, I don’t mind spending time travelling the on-line highways and byways looking for relevant feedback on what people think about what we do – but some days it is an absolute delight – especially when I find comments  like the ones we saw on the Google Places Page for Daytona Manchester.

There are just three reviews there. All of them are glowing. For example Richard Atkinson decided that our appeal was excellent, our facilities were “excellent” and our Service was “excellent”.  He went on to say “Booked on-line. Arrived in good time to watch information film with Martin Brundle. Well looked after. Track was fantastic. Figure of eight with a bridge. Very professional feel. Full race cards with lap times and records to take away were a great finishing touch.”

We are always proud to get such feedback – especially when we know that people have to think long and hard about where to spend their leisure budget – especially as so many of our competitors keep offering Groupon deals…

The other two reviews were equally good – I personally like the review that specifically commented on how pleased the reviewer was that we disciplined and penalised any drivers caught bumping or bullying other drivers on track. We have always prided ourselves that we will never sacrifice safety just to keep any drivers happy. We will always send a driver to the Sin-Bin if he deserves it – even if he isn’t happy about it.

Today was also one of those magical days when I came upon a trip advisor review for another karting venue that said simply “Don’t waste your money, go to Daytona instead”. I will spare the establishment any blushes by not naming them here.

We always welcome feedback from our drivers – if you didn’t enjoy your visit to Daytona then please do tell us – although if it was due to being sent to the Sin-Bin then don’t expect us to change!

Jim Graham