Is everything alright with your meal?

When did it become the law for every waiter and waitress to ask if everything is alright with your meal between six and eleven minutes after serving your main course?

I have been eating out now for about 30 years and I remember being impressed the first time a waitress checked if everything was ok a few minutes after delivering the main courses. At the time, I thought that it showed that they cared – as it is obviously better than being ignored. Over the last few years, however, it has seemed that almost every restaurant has started to follow a template for customer interaction and, for me, this removes the personal touch that makes dining out so special sometimes.

Reflecting on this, I often wonder whether we get the balance right at Daytona. Bearing in mind the nature of kart racing, we always aim to find the right balance between enforcing our very important safety rules and providing the very best customer service. I have blogged before about the very fine line we tread between providing a really exciting experience whilst also policing the track activity – and I should add that we also want drivers to know that they can speak to us at any time, before during or after their event.

The good news is that we aren’t going to stop you on track after five minutes and ask you if everything is ok.

Jim Graham

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