Too few people for your own Daytona event?

DSCF9099At this time of the year, we focus on providing great corporate events just before Christmas. Although our venues can cope with large groups – 450 is the biggest yet – we also get a lot of demand around this time of the year for small groups.

Sometimes a manager needs to entertain/reward a couple of staff members for a great year and, as our exclusive race events have minimum billings of 15 drivers, we are happy to offer Open Races on weekday afternoons in mid  to late December.

When we decided to offer Open Races on weekday afternoons, when most “normal” people are at work, we needed to be sure of two crucially important things:

1) Could we offer all the same excitement and professionalism to small groups on Monday-Friday afternoons as we do to large groups?

2) Would small groups enjoy racing on our huge circuits?

The answer to both issues was the same thing! Yes. By offering small groups the chance to book in to an Open Race, we would end up with plenty of drivers on the circuit – and exciting racing!

So if your boss asks you what you might like to do this December, why not tell him to book you in to a Daytona Christmas Sprint Open Race?