The new Silverstone…


Spent the morning at MK working on an event I can’t talk about (oops!). In the afternoon I went up to a very wet Silverstone to take the Radical out. Adrian Reynard was in the Garage next door, he has just bought a Radical.
I went up to Silverstone to check out the new GP circuit and the verdict ☹. The new wing is quite a sight; the BRDC have spent some of the budget on making it iconic, which is always good in my opinion.

The new track layout however is another matter. What was the corner everyone talked about? Bridge. They took it out and for my money the replacement complex doesn’t hold a candle. It is all flat (topographically – not throttley) and has no relief. Bridge was (is) a ballsy blind fast corner that always left a smile on my face and I just used to try to go faster and faster.

Having looked at a map of the circuit I feel it could have been possible to keep bridge- then turn right – build all the new stuff and then rejoin the national straight but nobody asked me.

Radical was blinding in the wet, extra downforce and no roll bars – sublime, the dunlops worked and it was Radical.

CRG   31/05/2011


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